Thursday, 5 February 2015

Witches let your true colours shine.

What is this obsession with black? 

From Black hats, dresses, cats to bats 
the witch is synonymous with black

Now I'm fond of a touch of black myself as this blog 
can testify. I definitely don't think black is a bad colour. 
The LBD is a staple of many a women's wardrobe
and sometimes  I just like to dress my mood,
which at times black matches perfectly.
 Black can be both sexy and at the same 
time allow one to blend in to the background.
Depending how it is worn.

But there is too much of good thing, Even witches
houses are normally shown in a dismal light, the 
interiors shown in a state of neglect and repair.

This surely is not right.
No self respecting witch would live in a house
that was not a comfortable place to reside. 
When I think of a witches home it's neat as a pin with
homemade touches dotted around from patchwork 
covers on the bed to home made preservers in the pantry.

A cottage garden to delight both the senses and provide 
all that is need for home made remedies and spells.

There is only one film I've come across that showcases this type 
of witch and who have a house any witch would spell cast to own.
'Practical Magic' 
Who could not fall in love with the aunts 
and their lovely light embraced home.

 So here I am to strike a blow against the black witch stereotype.
Shabby Chic Witches stand up and be counted, 
get out your pastels, pinks and blues or release your 
jewel colours of red and emerald.
Be a witch that walks proud and colourful.


Laura Morrigan said...

My style inspirations are fairly evenly split between hippie/boho and Gothic things! I assume my future house will be some wonderful mix!~ I already plan to paint trees on the walls!

Purple is a really good colour for witches too!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I love black and red, a lot. And own a lot of things in those colors, but my clothes walk the rainbow.

I think Witches love black so much because it is the absence of color. A place "blank" where anything can be written, anything can happen... And if the Witch doesn't want to be seen while the thing is happening, then black will also offer a good hiding place. What's not to love?

Nicole said...

Couldn't agree more. I have a boho chic/goth style with Georgian/Edwardian inspired jewelry as accessories. Black is fun but adding colour just makes the soul sing!

Jane K said...

I agree with black being the blank that can be played with in any way the users chooses. I always say opening my wardrobe is like opening a Victorian Mourning closet, yet if you also look in the drawers you'll find the rainbow scattered about. I love black with just the hint of clashing head first into a rainbow look.

Jane K said...

Love the Edwardian period fashions, lace and long skirts. A touch of colour can enhance black in a multitude of ways, it can both soften or give it a cutting edge depending on what is mixed in.